Isis painted by Piccaia exposed in Venice

Giorgio Piccaia, Iside, 2017, trittico, olio su tela cm 140x310

A collective exhibition in Venice, with works by international artists that highlights the wide and courageous cultural and entrepreneurial project of a young woman. 
The story of a brave and enterprising young woman arrives in Venice, with the exhibition Pei’s World - A brief history of a Chinese gallery in Italy, at Spazio Thetis during the new edition of Biennale 2019 from May 10 to November 24. This exhibition tells the world of Pei and of the artists, coming from different continents, which she represents exclusively. 
The gallerist's name is Peishuo Young (Ma Ec gallery, Palazzo Durini, Milan via Santa Maria Valle).
Giorgio Piccaia is one of the six artists present, the only European.
Luca Beatrice writes about the artist.
"To frame the artist Giorgio Piccaia it is essential to retrace some of the many stages of the training process that led him to become a really interesting character on the Italian scene. Born in Geneva, student in architecture and in particular of Corrado Levi in ​​Milan, in the eighties he is performer, editor and activist in the theater group of Jerzy Grotowski. There are different ways to reach painting, Piccaia has certainly chosen the less traditional and more eclectic one, built on solid cultural foundations and deep questions. In spite of its hypercontemporary vein, in the language of Piccaia often return words that refer to the classical tradition: logos, primary act of knowledge, wisdom, beauty, strength, terms that are hidden, hidden under the weave of his painting as sources of inspiration not declared yet still present.
While moving between installations and three-dimensional interventions, Giorgio Piccaia feels the need, the need, the periodic need to return to painting within the framework dimension. A framework constructed by plot, design, imprint, embellished with interwoven polymathic interventions that demonstrate how the inspiration derived from the informal abstract has not absolutely finished its run. By rejecting images that are too frontal, in a time where the abuse of the icon is under everyone's eyes, Piccaia reinvents painting as a space to think. Where thought corresponds to freedom".

Luca Beatrice, Peishuo Yang e Giorgio Piccaia

A brief history of a Chinese gallery in Italy by Luca Beatrice
Spazio Thetis, palazzina Modelli 
Arsenale di Venezia – Sestiere di Castello 
May 10 – November 24 2019 
Tuesday - Sunday 11.00 – 06.00p.m. 


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